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Cindy Lu – Two Sides

Album Review by EDF
Country music is only produced in Nashville, right? Wrong. Nashville’s influences have spread itself out to those who are taken in by country music. Cindy Lu is one such convert, hailing from New Jersey, a place rich in musical talent such as Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi are those who come to mind. What these two artists in particular have in common with Lu is the way they can introduce us to characters and situations that seem real. With song titles such as EVERY LIFE TELLS A STORY and GUESS I DIDN’T SEE IT COMIN’, you can guess where the album is going.

Cindy Lu convincingly approaches these songs like someone who has experienced the situations that are sung about in these songs. THE DAY YOU LOST ME is a celebratory tale of leaving a failed relationship. MY LIFE TOOK A TURN with its lack of drums, is a ballad that showcases both Lu’s lyrics and vocals. It’s hard not to relate in some way to these songs. As country music goes Lu does as she pleases. She introduces a fun element to her songs such as the title track, TWO SIDES and also shows enough vision to change her sound on some of the other tracks. Injecting a mix of bluegrass, honky-tonk, rockabilly and Americana, this is one country album that you not tire of quickly.

Two Sides CD Sampler

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Bobby Magee By Cindy Lu

Cindy Lu sings Bobby McGee A Cappella for America’s Got Talent! Independent country artist Cindy Lu wants to know what you think?!?! Should she get a spot on Season 5 of America’s Got Talent?!?!?!?!

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Taylor, Jimmy & More Share Christmas Memories

Some are sweet, and some are a little…buggy.

As a child, Taylor Swift helped her parents on their Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. Her (unglamorous) job? Picking praying mantises from the trees. “[They would] lay eggs and form pods on the Douglas fir Christmas trees,” she explains. “That is their favorite tree to infest. That’s where I would come in. I would walk around the Christmas trees all day, pick them off, and put them in a little basket so the people wouldn’t have bugs in their house! What a wonderful little hobby for a child!”

Joe Nichols recalls a more emotional memory. After his parents divorced, Joe’s father let Joe and his two siblings know that they didn’t have the money to buy presents, and that Christmas would be rough that year. “We lived in a little mobile home-type place in a little bitty segment of Pea Ridge, Arkansas. My brother and I went to this First Baptist Church in Pea Ridge — really nice people who really cared about giving. This church group showed up at our door on Christmas Eve night with literally [big] lawn garbage bags full of gifts. They unloaded all of these gifts for us. To this day, it makes me want to cry. We had a great Christmas, and it had nothing to do with what kind of presents we opened. It was just that somebody went to the trouble of doing that for our family. I’ll never forget that.”

Jimmy Wayne recalls, “I was a recipient of the Angel Tree Program when I was a kid. My sister and I both were. Sometimes we’d get picked and sometimes we wouldn’t. It was pretty tough seeing other kids in the neighborhood with new bikes and clothes, and [we had to go] back to school wearing the same clothes that we wore last year. It was … tough times.” But not every year was as difficult. Jimmy was the recipient of a memorable gift through the Angel Tree program one particular Christmas. “I remember getting a deck of UNO cards. Man, we thought that was a big deal!”

David Nail’s favorite Christmas memory is a little more recent. Last year was the first time he celebrated the holiday with his (now wife) Catherine, who at the time had just become his fiance. He and Catherine were married on June 6, 2009.

Bucky Rocks the Hard Rock

Bucky Covington will help celebrate the grand re-opening of the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville with special performances on Dec. 29 and Dec. 30.

Leading up to New Year’s Eve, Hard Rock

Cafe Nashville is hosting a series of special events and a week-long live music series. As part of these festivities, ASCAP is presenting An Evening With Bucky Covington on Tuesday, Dec. 29, at 7 p.m. at the Hard Rock Cafe Nashville, located in the heart of downtown Music City. Bucky and the Hard Rock will donate proceeds from the event to the Arthritis Foundation (Tennessee Chapter).

Tickets for this show are available through the website,, or at the Hard Rock’s gift store, the Rock Shop. Bucky, whose current single is “Gotta Be Somebody,” will also be appearing at the Hard Rock’s Guitar Smash, the venue’s official grand opening ceremony on Dec. 30 at 10:30 a.m.

Crazy Cindy Lu Video Hits YouTube

Cindy Lu sings My Guy with her ‘friend’ for KWAR’s Aqua Idol!!! Complete with ring-toss, ‘Peter’ & Cindy Lu were a hit with the crowd and helped raise over $6,000 for Scholarships for Key West High School Seniors. Always a hit at Aqua, Cindy Lu is a favorite!!

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